Mittwoch, Oktober 19, 2011

VJ Juladi @ Robot Festival 2011 in Bologna, Italy

The Robot Festival in Bologna was really great. Nice people and an amazing location. Here are my performances:

Juladi with music from Illlumen, live remixed from Bas (Born Digital).

Eniac and VJ Juladi @ robot festival bologna 2011 "into the wood" meets "handmade"

Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2011

Live Performers Meeting Rome 2011, VJ Torna

wow wow wow, 5th at the vj championship and 2nd at the vj battle and also a special honor for my own new style... VJ Torna in Rome is just amazing. So many new inspirations and performances!

The performance of Juladi for the VJ Championship:

The final Battle VJ Luminator (Poland)left vs. VJ Juladi (Germany)right: