Montag, Mai 13, 2013


First round:

12 players / 3 min each / free mix on imposed music

Second round:

8 players / 8 minutes for 2 players / you'll have to share the screen with an other player and fit to his/her style... be listening and collaborative, you'll be selected or eliminated together!
selected together!!! MrKa and Juladi

Third round:

ALIENS... I recorded and filmed it in the night and morning before the show, or generated it live. Semi-final / 4 players / 12 minutes each / you'll have to play with an imposed footage that will be delivered to you the day before to show similar or modified footage.

Fouth round:

4 players - fast rounds. Everybody hat to play 4 min each, then 3 min each, 2 min each, 1 min each... quick changes...

and at the end the result of the mapping Festival VJ Competition was:

1. VJ Juladi - Germany
2. VJ Fax - Italy
3. MrKa - France
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